Top 25 Strongest anime villains

If there's a hero, then there's a villain. Well, obviously but the presence of the villain can significantly impact on how the anime and hero look. The more prominent the villain is, the better the hero will sound, and also the show will be more thrilling and memorable. The bigger the wall the villain becomes to the hero, the more iconic the villains. Pain/Nagato from Naruto is a good example. Pain was a massive wall that looked like Naruto couldn’t climb. While dominating him, he even challenged his Naruto ninja way. Naruto usually has an answer for a villain(talk no Jutsu), but he couldn’t come up with one for pain. Pain beat naruto on a physical, emotional, and mental level. Pain’s persona and beliefs made him an interesting character and made him an iconic villain in anime. It makes you wonder which direction Naruto would follow through. Other characters like this would be Frieza from Dragonball Z who’s villains define the anime. Like, come on what would dragon Ball be without Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu. Extra examples would be Itachi Uchiha, Ulquiorra. These villain's roles made them be the most beloved villains around anime. With that, let's get to the top 25 strongest anime villains.

25. Light Yagami( Death Note)


A regular human high school boy!?!? I know this seems blasphemous, but what people tend to forget the abilities Light has. The first one is the death which power is whoever’s name he writes in the book will die. Second is his intelligence and manipulation abilities. Light’s intelligence was outstanding for his age. He is being able to dupe countless law enforcement and even rivaling L( while also having him killed). He also even manipulated a death god for his gain. The way how he was able to form the world to his liking is outstanding.

24. Lelouch Vi Britannia( Code Geass)

What made Code Geass such an interesting anime would be it’s entertaining antagonist Lelouch Vi Britannia. Having the power to plant commands into people Lelouch was cold and tactical. He would sacrifice his soldiers and even civilians. With his intelligence with the addition with his Geass made it that he always had the upper hand on his enemies.

23. Major( Hellsing)

Probably one of the most immoral and vile villains. Major from Hellsing is no slouch. The leader of The Milliemeium, he had control of an army of vampires and was a cyborg so he couldn't die of natural human causes.

22. Shishio Makoto(Rurouni Kenshin)

One of the only villains in the show who could keep up with Kenshin, Shishio made his mark. His fighting style was creative of how he used oil to fight. His mysterious mummy appearance and presence was something that viewers will always remember.

21. Ragyo Kiryuin (Kill la Kill)

Honestly the flashiest looking villain on the list( but not the most powerful). Ragyo was cruel and sadistic just brutalizing beating Satsuki and Ryuko. She even went to tear Ryuko's heart to make a point. Ryugo was also proficient at swordsmanship and hand to hand fighting.

20. Accelarator( A Certain Magical Index)

One of the most powerful antagonist in the anime. Even without being at full power he proved to be a challenge for his enemies. He’s shown that he can still take out enemies without much effort while not using his esper mode.

19. Dio Brando( JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

One of the top well known able in anime and the show itself. Throughout the show, Dio has had a very imposing presence. While having his physical capabilities were greatly enhanced and also acquired a stand which could even stop time. With Dio getting a position also woke stands in Jonathan Joestar’s descendants. Dio made his presence known throughout the series.

18. Medusa(Soul Eater)

Who would've thought that someone so innocent at the beginning could be so manipulative? One of the three Gorgon sisters Medusa had a huge impact on seires with her injustice acts. Also, add the fact that she wasn’t a good mother which shows she didn’t have many morals.

17. Zeref Dragneel(Fairy Tale )

As someone as quet has him you wouldn’t expect him to be the Emperor of t Alvarez empire. He also had the power to back it up. One of the topmost powerful mages in FairyTale Zeref was so powerful(his magic specifically) he couldn’t control it. This makes battle cumbersome for both sides. He was also the older brother of Natsu Dragneel which made exciting encounters.

16. Beast Titan(Attack on Titan)

His sheer size is something no one can ridicule. His size alone can serve a moral disadvantage to his enemies. The Beast titan(a.k.a Zeke) can harden his body, make weaker titan follow his orders and even turn other people to titans. With all these abilities makes him a fearsome foe to fight against.

15. Shogo Makishima(Psycho-Pass)

Pure strength alone isn't the deciding in a fight. Intelligence needs to come into play. Shogo was the man with a plan. Being able to control his pyscho-pass he evaded the sibly system as the dominators couldn’t classify him as a criminal making him safe. He is obsessed with the worst aspects of human nature and the mastermind for all the cases.


The fact that his name means hell/underworld is pretty self-explanatory. He’s been the cause for the characters suffering and has been a massive obstacle to Inuyasha side for the series.. . He has the power to control wasp from the underworld, shape-shifting, and increased physical strength.

13. Marshall D. Teach (One Piece)

He is usually known as a black beard. He is the only human to have the power of 2 death fruits, making him an enemy you can’t ignore. He blows other One Piece villains out the water with his power. Also, add in the fact he was one of the main reasons for Whitebeard’s death is a feat that not a heart lot of villains a say

12. Boros(One Punch Man)

I know I know why he's a villain on One Punch Man on here. No one could challenge the power of Saitama. Boros is the only villain in the anime to live through ONE punch from Saitama!!! He even forced Saitama to get serious for a moment in the fight, so this should show you just how strong he was.

11. Father(FullMetal Alchemist)

Not many powers could stand to a God, which father was. Father transcended to godhood towards the end of the series making the laws of alchemy ineffective towards him so he could do whatever he wanted.

10. Utsuro (Gintama )

The founder and leader of the Tenshouin Naruku before oboo took over. Utsuro was muted human who could absorb high amounts of Altana, giving him insane regeneration and immortality. He could even grow a new body out of just an arm.. He was an expert in swordsmanship and excellent physical capabilities. He was the most dangerous being in the universe. He always looked emotionless and was fearless.

9. King Bradley, Wrath(FullMetal Alchemist)

The one homunculi that piqued everyone’s interest out of all the homunculus. He could sympathize with humans with a sense of humor even though he was a homunculus. Also, unlike his homunculi brethren, he was a human at first but was influenced by the philosopher’s stone. King positions had superhuman physical powers, expert swordsmanship, and the Ultimate eye which gave him precognition. He was the biggest challenge for our protagonists.

8. Gilgamesh

An arrogant and cocky character Gilgamesh has frequent appearances in the fate series. One of the few villains that could back up his attitude. His power is to call any weapon through the Gate of Baylon. He even shattered the Marble using the sword of rapture Ea. Gilgamesh is a powerful enemy that all should be wary.

7. All for One(My Hero Academia)

He is gaining popularity quickly ever since its release. My Hero academia has a villain that we all should keep our mind. All for one the leader of the League of villains. He is known as the most powerful of villains, and All Might has a reason to weary of him. All for one has the quirk to be able to steal quirks and make them his. With his powers and Almighty, being wary should show how much of a problem he is.

6. Griffith(Berserk)

Don’t judge a book by its cover. While Griffith may look heroic, he is the Supreme Commander of the Midland army. Initially, Griffith piqued interest over Guts turned him to a former shell of himself. Griffith was already influential, but when he transcended into Fempto, he didn’t exist in the physical world. No mortal could see Initially him.

5. Aizen (Bleach)

Bleach fans were probably waiting for this, well here he is. He was honestly a broken character with high intellect, expert swordsmanship, Kidō mastery excellent physical capabilities. His zanpakuto was powerful also with the power of perfect hypnosis. He ruled over the Arrancar with no problem has his skills were so immense. H even fought close to every captain and lived through a battle with squad one captain Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto.

4. Meruem(Hunter X Hunter)

Meruem was a villain that was a non-villain. Weird right? He was violent and cruel at first but mellowed down later on in the Chimera ant arc He was the most potent offspring of the Chimera ant queen and strongest character in the series with his high learning capabilities. His speed, strength, were just so antagonists power and top it off with his learning, and intelligence, he was just a monster(no pun intended).

3. Madara Uchiha (Naruto)

Madara only ninja to rival the God of Shinobi his name struck fear into the ninja world, and it wasn’t for no reason. He had terrific physical abilities, master eyebrows, and great tactics. He was just a badass through and candidate. He decimated a whole army by himself and the five kage like they were children. When he became the Jinchūriki of the Ten tails, he just set the bar of an unstoppable being. He was practically immortal.

2. Kaguya (Naruto)

A character is more broken than Madara. Is it unbelievable right? At first, she was a caring mother, but after she was able to manipulate even more powerful, she started to develop a God complex. Kaguya already had broken powers, but when she ate the fruit from the God tree, her skills grew while. She could travel through dimensions and have control of nature in each one, hypnosis, and the ability to read thoughts and feelings.


1.Frieza (Dragon Ball)

Frieza has earned the spot to be the most iconic villain in the Dragon Ball franchise and anime. But it’s not his iconic character that made him number one its him sadist persona throughout series and set the bar for everyone. You name it Fireza has done it;

  1. Genocide
  2. Child Salvery
  3. Malevolent Dicator

O yeah, Frieza's a racist to the core('stupid monkey'). Frieza was so strong he conquered the whole universe. He had other races under his foot. He was even a candidate for the God of Destruction tile. Frieza also had superb talent. Frieza never trained in his whole life but up to a point unbeatable. When he started training his power grew dramatically, unlocking his golden form in just 4 MONTHS. His golden transformation was able to rival super Saiyan Blue Goku. It would be scary to think about how strong Frieza would be if he trained regularly.


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