Top 10 Best Scenes in Naruto/Naruto Shippūden


Top 10 Best Scenes in Naruto/Naruto Shippūden


Second to Dragon Ball Series or maybe even above, Naruto has been everyone's favorite anime in the Shounen genre. 

Naruto comes with an interesting cast of characters.  The storyline is dynamic and robust character development. There are so many memorable events in the story: Obito's first entrance in the ninja war, Itachi puts Orochimaru in a Genjutsu when Orochimaru tries to steal his body, and even when Shikamaru claimed to be Hidan’s God. Naruto's worldwide fame was not a coincidence. If anime had Hall of Fame, Naruto would be the first ballot. There are so much badass moments in the anime, so we’ll narrow it to 10. With all that being here is our top 10 badass moments in naruto 


10. Madara makes his appearance


His name alone brings fear, but when he appears in the flesh(well not really), it's a whole different ball game. Madara is one of the strongest ninjas in history and the only one who could fight Hashirama the so-called strongest shinobi. His appearance alone made a whole army shook in fear, and even pray. 


9. Naruto breaks Obito's mask

naruto versus obito

Obito's ability has been an enigma to every ninja in the show. No one could honestly figure out how he could phase through objects and attacks until Kakashi, Guy, and Naruto found away when Naruto’s unlock his new form Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Obito went to his dimension Naruto pops up with a Rasengan and smashes Obito's mask revealing his face.


8. Minata defeats Obito

minata vs obito

Obito went to the leaf village to cause terror. He first appears when Kushina is giving birth to Naruto to extract the nine tails and let it loose on the leaf village. He kidnaps Naruto and then captures Kushina to release the nine tails. Minato seals the nine tails in the end and confronts Obito. Obito's ability caught Minato off guard, but he found a way. He threw his kunai up, and as Obito was about to touch him to teleport him to his dimension, Minato uses his flying rajin technique and stops Obito with a Rasengan destroying his arm. If this didn’t make you jump off your feet, then I don’t know what will. 


7. Hashirama and Tobirama  display their power 

Hashirama and Tobirama  display their power

During the fourth ninja war, Sasuke summons Orochimaru to summon the past kage of the leaf village. The point was to find the truth of the village to help him decide to help the leaf village or destroy it. Angry at Sasuke's arrogance, Tobirama emits his power pressuring Sasuke. Might I add that he did it with one finger? Then to stop Tobirama from pressuring Sasuke Hashirama exudes his aura which cracks the flour and the room. His sheer power had made everyone, and even Tobirama sweat in fear and made him stop. 


6. Team 7 Reunite 

Team 7 Reunite

Who would've thought this team would end up saving the world. As kids, they start as just basically learning to be proper ninjas.  Then circumstances divide them(mainly Sasuke left for multiple years, but they reunite to face the common enemy to end the war.  They reassembled brought a sense of relief in like the heroes arrived to save the day. 


5. The Leaf Village Kage joins the fray 

all four hokage

The ten tails are proving to be too much; naruto is running out of chakra. The ten tails charge up and proceed to shoot a tailed beast bomb at the army. The eight tails are struggling to hold it back, but out of nowhere, the tailed beast gets teleported to a random location. Then a kunai is thrown to the ground and here comes the fourth with the rest of the Hokage. They seal the ten tails temporarily and hope restored. The morale has lifted in the army. 


4. Itachi vs. Sasuke( End) 

Itachi vs Sasuke

Sasuke’s main was goal was to get stronger and avenge his clan in any way possible, even deserting the Leaf Village for Orochimaru. When they finally fought there was hate, fury but love(mostly on Itachi's part). When Sasuke backed in the corner with no plan, Itachi was coming closer. We all thought he was going to take Sasuke's life; instead, he taps Sasuke on the forehead, the same thing he did when Sasuke was younger. Showed that Itachi loved Sasuke all this time.


3. Guy vs. Madara


As Madara upgraded to the sage of six paths, everything seemed useless who was invincible to everything except for taijutsu. Here comes Might Gai. Gai challenged Madara while in the eighth gate and was beating him. This fight showed everyone the value of taijutsu. Madara even claimed that Gai was also one of his mightiest opponents. The whole battle was just awesome as Guy opens up the infamous 8th gate and the fact of how he was cornering Madara.

2. Naruto Arrives back to save Konoha

Naruto save Konoha


Pain invaded Konoha, causing massive amounts of destruction and killing a large number of people, one of them was even Kakashi. Tsunade couldn’t do anything; everything just seemed hopeless. After being overcome with despair, Sakura cries out to Naruto. Naruto popped up with his army of toads and mastered looking like he could take on the world.  It was Naruto’s time to surpass Jiraiya and save the leaf. The angles and animation made the scene even more epic.


1.Naruto gets acknowledged 



Naruto's main dreams were to be Hokage so he could be acknowledged. This was a particular dream he had, for once he wasn't viewed as the demon fox, he was viewed as the hero. After following Naruto up to this, it hits you in the feels seeing Naruto overcome so much adversary to being the hero.

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