One Piece Watch Order

One Piece Watch Order

What!? You are here... Eiichiro Oda brainchild, this Shōnen Jump series that has captivated fans worldwide, one of few mediums that are leaving its mark culturally across the globe. One Piece is over 940 episodes and counting... A collection of over ten movies, One Piece, the manga/anime, brings a lot to the table, and with a wide range of memorable characters, it has recorded over 1000 names and growing... Without holding, what does One Piece brings to the table for Shonen Jump? It is a tale of one person Luffy on a journey to find "One Piece" left by Gold D Roger and become the "king of the pirates." With any goal one has, you need help, and people need to see the vision and commit their talents to that one vision. Sometimes, with recruiting your team, they need assistance or chaos with the odds of another pirate overlord or, worst, in a direct altercation of world government, aka the navy.

One of the exciting dynamics in One Piece is good/evil. Navy vs. Pirates; Navy is a government organization that wields the iron rod of world domination, which portrays the general public as the "goods guys." The navy's vast range network of employing sea war world's secret task force, aka CP9, to extend their dominance in the world. In contrast, the pirates are the freedom fighters. However, there are "evil-doers" also in pirates. It's a world where good and evil are up to debate; look, it's a series where the main characters have a bounty. 

 They are usually the ones doing good in the world. 

East Blue Saga Arc

One Piece OVA

Romance Dawn Arc(Episodes 1-4)

Luffy recruits his right-hand man Zoro from execution. Stern and Focus Zoro, the swordman's goals, are the best sword fighters globally. Both personally seem like two peas in a pod. 

Orange Town Arc (Episodes 4-8)

What is a journey without opposition? There are sure to be other pirates wanting to king also. In This Arc, Luffy fights his first Pirate leader, Buggy the Clown. In a fateful event, Luffy meets Nami, the Navigator.  

Syrup Village Arc (Episodes 9-18)

Okay, I got two people so far. Wait, I need a ship! Where else to go but Syrup Village. Of course, you meet more people who are a thorn in your side, for the bonus they meet a person Called Usopp

 the Sniper.

Baratie Arc (Episodes 9-18)

On the voyage, you the Straw Hat pirates. The Straw Hat pirates are in meeting a restaurant which is in danger, another pirate called Don Krieg. One of the leading cooks in the restaurant is called The Sanji The Chef. Oh, Zoro! You're not ready yet.

Arlong Park Arc (Episodes 31-44)

Wait...someone stole my ship! Nami, really, oh well. She comes with baggage. Alright, boys, let's fight her past ghost. Luffy vs. Arlong is a brutal and tense fight, amazing the watch or read.

Loguetown Arc  (Episodes 45-53)

Before going to the grand line, let's get some supplies first in the historical place where Gol D Roger's birth and execution. Buggy, I have to fight you again? Oh well, do this thing again. Hey, Luffy got his first bounty climbing up here in the world, folks!

Reverse Mountain Arc(Episodes 62-63)

Luffy crew continues to go the mountain arc when something big stands in their way. Who is going to stop and Straw Hat Pirates crossing the Grand Line? Not you and not me?

Whisky Peak Arc (Episodes 64-67)

Okay, crossing the grand line, the Straw Hat Pirates come across a pleasant town that receives them with open arms. Well, as they stay, you never overstay your welcome. They meet one of the many allies called Vivi, the princess of Arabasta.

Koby and Helmeppo Arc (Episodes 68-69)

Two boys to men Navy training to see who will be the strongest.

Little Garden Arc (Episodes 70-77)

Nothing to see here except two orges and ancient animals and beast.

Drum Island Arc (Episodes 78-91)

A faithful place where Nami is sick and the Straw Hat pirates meet Tony Chopper, the doctor.

Arabasta Arc (Episodes 92-130)

Masterful arc and many interesting characters like Portgas D. Ace and; Luffy's first and memorable of a Sea WarLord Crocodile unfolded how vast and expansive the One Piece universe is.

Post-Arabasta Arc (Episodes 131-135)

Say what you want about fillers; all Heros needs to take a break a too.

Goat Island Arc (Episodes 136-138)

Hey! What's old man Zenny doing here..nevermind just a filler arc. Hardcore One Piece fans enjoy

Ruluka Island Arc (Episodes 139-143)

Straw Hat Crew Trolling along the sea and getting chased by the marines ...huh, what? What is this mist? Go to save innocent people again.

Jaya Arc (Episodes 144-152)

Crossing the grand line, the Straw Hat Crew meets more opponents to faces. Bouns tip this first time Luffy meets Blackbeard.

Skypiea Arc (Episodes 153-195)

Straw Hat Crew riding on a sea of clouds; This unique arc displays one of many adventures that await the Straw Hat Pirates. Lighting attacks not very effective against Luffy.  Alas, Luffy vs. Earlobes(LOL Enel) is a sample fight in the series.

G-8 Arc (Episodes 196-206)

Straw Hat crew stumble against the marine base; Going Merry is a trap; let's free out the ship and get out here.

Long Ring Long Land Arc (Episodes 207-219)

pivotal arc in One Piece for Straw Hat Pirates, the path to Water 7 comes with obstacles, front confrontation of world-class assassins, and war against the world government. Good pirates stuff as along was.  Plus, Star Hat Crew is hiring the Going Merry needs an upgrade; they are looking for a shipwright.

Ocean's Dream Arc (Episodes 220-224)

Life is but a dream. Sleeping Zzz..What! Get me back my memories. Short enough arc to make a quick Playstation Game out of.

Foxy's Return Arc (Episodes 225-228)

 Straw Hat Pirates need to fight Foxy again 🙄. Wait, it's iceman Akoji.

Water 7 Arc (Episodes 229-263)

Straw Hat pirates set off to the grand line in search of One Piece. You cant set off and have big plans without clashing with the world government. Straw Hat crew fighting with secret agents; CP9 is a staple within the whole series.

Enies Lobby Arc (Episodes 264-312)

The government-controlled stronghold no one can barge in there without a fight. Well, the straw hat pirates are? Straw Hat Pirates must fight to save Franky and Nico Robin in a battle with the world government.

Post-Enies Lobby Arc (Episodes 313-325)

 Thousand Sunny built to cross the grand line; thank you, Franky. Wait? You want to join the crew. Sure Franky, the shipwright, joins the Straw Hat Pirates. 

Ice Hunter Arc (Episodes 326-335)

The Straw Hat meets a group in need of help(shonen jump way).

This eventually leads to fighting with a bounty hunter group called the  Accino Family.

 Chopper Man Special (Episodes 336)

Thriller Bark(Episodes 337-381)

A Major arc in One Piece sets the tone throughout the grand line for the Straw Hats pirates. Nightmare on Thriller Bark where the stolen shadows need to be attained before Sunrise. The crew meet and confront Warlord KISHISHISHI KISHISHISHI KISHISHISHI 😂Gecko Moria. After defeating menacing Warlord Gecko Moria, Brook the musician, joins the Straw Hat Pirates. The arc concludes with an iconic confrontation with Zoro and WarLord Kuma.

Sabaody Archipelago (Episodes 385-405)

These islands in the Grand Line are a turning point. The power scale for those who oppose Star Hat Pirates is real. Government Navy general's power scale is real. The pirate's power scale in the New World is real. More mountains were revealed for the Straw Hat pirates to overcome.

Amazon Lily Arc (Episodes 408-417)

Luffy crashes into an island of only women. A stronghold for WarLord and maybe the further spouse of Monkey D. Luffy, Boa Hancock.

Impel Down Arc (Episodes 422-425, 430-452)

Luffy in a dire situation. Ace, Luffy's brother, is capture in MarineFord, waiting for execution. His immediate family is Straw Hat crew dispersed. Which family would you choose? Luffy goes to Impel Down in the hopes of saving Ace from Execution.

Marineford Arc (Episodes 457-489)

A huge arc. All pirates worldwide and marine best and generals are clashing in the hopes of saving Ace's life. It's an incredible fight to see everyone clashing with one another: WhiteBread, Borsalino, Aokiji, Shanks, Blackbeard, and many more. Also, the display of high-level Haki. Unforntaley WhiteBeard and Ace pass away, with leaves an impact on everyone in the pirate world. This climatic arc shows how One Piece is well written.

Post-War (Episodes 490-491, 493-516)

The death of WhiteBread leaves a power vacuum on a global scale. Luffy in critical condition and mourning the loss of his brother Ace. Marine Ford and Navy are recovering from the climactic clash against at MarineFord. This transitional period for the Straw Hats pirates and everyone else in the One Piece world. The Straw Hat goes off for training for two years.

Return to Sabaody (Episodes 517-522)

After the two-year time skips, The Straw Hat pirates join together; however, Luffy's crew has gain worldwide attention leaving the pace for replicas to enter the comical "Fake Straw Hat Crew". The highest form of flattery is imitation.

Fish-Man Island Arc (Episodes 523-541, 543-574)

As the Straw Hat Pirates arrive and reunite, they come with new levels ups. We will have to see.

Punk Hazard Arc (Episodes 579-589, 591-625)

The Entering the New World and finding themselves dead ridden island coming up the lost laboratories of Dr.Vegapunk clashing with mad scientist Ceasar.

Dressrosa Arc (Episode 629-746)

Upon going Dressrosa, the Straw Hat Pirates confronted with malevolent Sea WarLord Yakuza Boss Don't want to cross hairs with Donquixote Doflamingo. Gaining Straw Hat Pirates alliance with  Heart Pirates took massive collaboration with Luffy to take down Doflamingo.

Zou Arc (Episodes 751-779)

The Aftermath of confrontation of DoFlamingo left the one-piece pirates at Zou getting ready for their next adventure.

Whole Cake Island Arc (Episodes 783-877)

Lagrange marriage? What? We live in western society. No, the arranged marriage of Sanji and Charlotte Pudding left the Straw Pirates in the fight with empress herself Big Mom Charlotte Linlin.

Levely Arc (Episodes 64-67)

After the assault on Big Mom barely making it alive, the Straw Hat pirated moves make waves worldwide. World Government take notice and the Revolutionary Army plan for a preemptive strike.

Wano Country Arc (Episode 890 - TBA )

The Strongest Man in the world, Kaido ruler of Wano Country. Big Mom clashes and joins an alliance with the Beast Pirates. Kaido clashed with Luffy. Zoro blocks near-death blow from Big Mom. More coming soon

Whew, with all these and you might think, "will One Piece end?". I don't think so. One Piece may never end, and honestly, that's a good thing. When this many episodes can't ignore fillers and sidetrack movies, but that's why we are all here, right to enjoy the journey.

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