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naruto movies in order

Naruto Watch order 

 One of the best if not the best shounen anime ever. Justice, forgiveness, and honestly, one of the best character developments you’ll find all around. With addition to proper character development Naruto gives you epic fights, superpowers, and abilities you wish even you would have a good storyline. Even the fillers are actually pretty good, including the movies, so its definitely worth the watch.  

I’ve watched Naruto roughly three times now(It's my favorite anime), so I got the sense of the chronology. So here we go is my Naruto watch order. We’ll go by episodes that were cannon and filler. There are minor spoilers, so read at your own risk. They are relatively small although 

Note- Omakes, Light Novels and OVAs are included as well. 


Part 1 Naruto 

Follow the knuckleheaded ninja and his quest to become Hokage. The Tv series Naruto has up to 200 episodes and 3 movies with also 2 extras. Naruto is also the first.  

1.Naruto Episode 1-5 

 NarutoFind the Four Leaf Clover 

Naruto Episodes 6-19 

Naruto- The Cross Roads 

Naruto Episode 20-101 

Naruto Mission- Protect the Waterfall Village 

2.Naruto the Movie: Clash in the land of snow 

3.Naruto Episode 102-160 

4.Naruto The Movie: Legend of The stone of Gelel 

5.Naruto Episode 161-196 

6.Naruto The Movie:  Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom 

7.Naruto Episode 197-220 

Part 2 

The continuation of the popular tv series. Follow your favorite knucklehead ninja Naruto on his journey to become Hokage a have his name in ninja legends Naruto Shippuden emphasizes on the battle with the Akatsuki 

8.Naruto Shippudden Episode 1-23 

9.Naruto Shippuden The Movie 

10.Naruto Shippuden Espioes 24-70 

11.Naruto Shippuden The Movie- Bonds 

12.Naruto Shippuden Epsidoes 71-121 

13.Naruto Shippuden the Movie- Inheritors of the Will of fire 

14.Naruto Shippuden Episodes 122-169 

15.Naruto Shippuden the Movie- The Lost Tower 

16.Naruto Shippuden Episodes 170-221 

Chuunin Exam on Fire! Naruto vs. Konohamaru 

Naruto Shippuden The Movie- Blood Prison 

It's rather difficult to pinpoint where these movies are, but since Naruto achieved sage mode, it would most likely be after naruto fights pain. 

18Naruto Shippuden Epsiodes 222-271 

19Naruto Shippuden the Movie- Road to Ninja 

What would happen if the bad guy succeeded? Well, this movie shows you that. Its shows you how the infinite Tsukuyomi is 

Naruto Shippuden 272-493 

The Last- Naruto The Movie 

Naruto Shippuden Epsiodes 494-500 

Boruto- Naruto The Movie” The Day Naruto Becomes Hokage 

Well, we finally made. Here his the end of Naruto. You watched him come from nothing but then eventually fulfill his dream of becoming Hokage. To be honest, I shed a tear while watching this movie. Just seeing Naruto growths is just amazing. 

Part 3 

You thought it was over? Guess again the show must go on. This time the story focuses on Naruto’s son Boruto. The show isn't nowhere close as exciting as Naruto but nevertheless still enjoyable. 

Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Episodes 1-51 

Boruot- Naruto The Movie 

Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Episodes 52- Present 


Part 4 

These are mainly Extras. 

Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky 

Scroll of Lighting: The Beast that was Shot by Love!! 

Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze 

Gaara Hiden: A Sandstorm Mirage 

Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom 

Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls 

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