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Love Hina is a classic slice of life anime Romantic comedy. Both Keitaro and Naru on a quest to find their lost love from the past. What's great about the slice of life's romantic genre is that you are not saving the world; just living your life, and everyday occurrences can be comically dramatic but a breath of fresh air. More than 20 years ago, it is still wonderful to watch no matter what you are into today—no battling supervillains and saving the universe from a colossal threat, just living your everyday life. The slice of life genre is relaxing, and take a break from the more extreme media in anime/manga today.

Love Hina, a lot of breakdowns on how your past can affect your future. When the characters in Love Hina choose to let the past define you and use it as a stepping stone for your future, this concept of presentism is prevalent. Thought the idea of Romanticism is also in the series like "finding your soulmate." Does your soulmate exist? Should your past affect your future? All these deep philosophical questions tackle in Love Hina but in a light-hearted way that anyone can digest. Enjoy!

Love Hina Watch Order

Love Hina TV Series

Episode 1 -24 

This One started it all with a colorful cast of characters with an impressive background gives Love Hina a charm.

Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve

Nothing is more romantic and kissing under the mistletoe. Love Hina crew seeks to love the night before Christmas.

Love Hina Spring Movie

It's an excellent TV special that reminds you don't let your life failures determine the future outcome. You are the commander of the shop.

Love Hina Again is OAV split into three parts.

After the TV series's events, Love Hina Again dives into how our main characters choose to deal with the past facing their future.

Love Hina again -- Kanako

Mostly everyone likes to travel.

Love Hina again -- Keitarō

I come with gifts; What it is flying away!?

Love Hina again -- Naru

Will I find my soulmate?

Episode 25

Motoko's Choice, Love or the Sword: Don't Cry

This One breaks off from the original TV series own section outside. It just practically sums all the series and the TV special and OVAs—still a get-watch.  

This Love Hina Watch order is an excellent guide for getting your feet wet and watching the series and going back into memory lane, and getting in touch with your slice of life itch. 

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