Greatest inventions in anime


We all know anime has captured our imaginations showed us creative abilities that can be put on paper. In the Anime world, anything is possible limited to one's own imagination. In particular, there are some devices shows the mystery in that particular universe in which they live. Also, these devices bring the question can these devices be made in our universe given what we know now in science or possible reference for further technologies. We go over 5 items and concepts they bring try to make sense of how can they work in our universe.

1.Poke Ball

Think about physical creatures can be stored within these technical devices. How is it possible? The pokemon trainer throws the device to a pokemon then suddenly these creatures called pokemon turn into energy and is stored within the poke ball.

There are two perceptions that come away with this phenomenon first all matter is made up out of energy. Einstein Theory special relativity reveals given your frame of reference all matter is made up out of energy. It is said there is enough energy in a single atom to power up a whole city, it is all about harnessing that energy. In today's world, we harness atomic energy by splitting heavy radioactive isotopes via nuclear fission( splitting atoms), we have not mastered nuclear fusion( combining atoms ) the same way stars product their  energy may be the Pokemon universe has mastered a level matter and energy conservation we have not(in all the show you do not see nuclear plant  beside that power plant in Pokemon). So can these poke ball somehow transmute physical objects into energy?

The second perception is the holographic universe. Do we all live in a holographic universe? Many theoretical physicists like Leonard Susskind and eccentric people like Elon musk giving postulates that we may be in a holographic universe. If you are familiar with the show, do you remember when Professor Oak told Ash the pokemon are stored in virtual environment inside the Pokeball?  So if all matter is holographic would it easier just to store it within another simulation, maybe that is how dream work.

So are coming up notion we may in holographic universe or simulation you are familiar with the series you Professor Oak pokemon are store within a virtual environment There are two perceptions first all matter is made up out of energy. Check! Einstein Theory special relativity proves. Do we all live in a holographic universe


Dragon ball universe tends to the mystic side and the whole spectrum of space aliens, other worlds, hidden dimensions, multiverses just to name few. However, there are some technologies that have some correlation to our world. The scouter is alien technology not seen on Earth in Dragon Ball. What's the point of aliens using scouters anyway?  Maybe the scouter is used because you are dealing with other powerful aliens that are potential planet busters. Do all creatures have power levels? If all living creatures have power levels by way of containing energy then, by all means, yes all living creatures have power levels(humans to space aliens). If that be the case then objects in nature have power levels too. What is your definition of living? Goku's spirit bomb gathers energy from rocks and living creatures alike. Remember mass is a reflection of the total energy of the object so because of this the very existence of an object associated with REST energy or REST mass. All things must have energy levels, this much gave way to possible scouters in the future.



Machines are rising, AI and robotics are being more involved in our society every decade. Will our robotics eventually turn into Gundam mecha type machines? Our constant innovation in these technologies may give way to evolutionary process into Gundam like machines. However, Gundam verse is about people using these machines for war and political conflict Hopefully, in our world robotics and AI this will not happen instead of destruction it will be used for creation.

4. AR clothing

What is after the smartphone area, argumentative reality! It's a no brainer to see how smartphones had changed our society giving everyone not only access to The Internet wherever they go be also supercomputers in our pockets. There is a major push for AR and companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Magic Leap name a few are making innovations in AR. Innovations in AR can be used for advertisements or clothing only time will tell.

5.Cyborg Bodies

Ghost in the Shell is one of the probably futurist shows most of the technology in Ghost in the shell is not far off to become real in our world probably in next century we will have cybernetic human,s fully autonomous machines, camouflage, and world fully immersed with Augmented reality. One aspect in Ghost in the Shell world augmented part Batou with his eyes and like how Major body is total is cyborg only powered by her conscience that uploaded.

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