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WoW. No, I don't mean that WoW I mean wow look at all this anime MMORPGs to choose. You know the MMORPG genre can have a polarizing attitude towards you hate them for them to being the ultimate black hole of time wasted or bliss in engaging yourself in a vast world joining with people with all over the world focus on a common goal. This post is a "judgment-free zone"; how you spent your time is appropriate as you seem fit. 

One of the dynamics of MMORPG takes more just grinding your way and going it solo to win. The game forces you as life does, you need help from other people, and no man is an island.


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This MMORPG is very Persona-esque instead of Tokyo, Japan, its Seoul, South Korea, or 'New Seoul' in the game. Naddic GamesClosers' studio made Closers MMORPG is helpful to new players, and I can not understate how big of a plus that is (WOW community 😔). So anyone with any skill level can come in to get their feet wet. Beware, since it's a Korean MMORPG, prepare for some severe grinding. You get to choose which server you can play from; the Korea server is the best you, of course, however, it doesn't come with English translation. You and cast characters have to fight supernatural beast from invading Seoul. Closers gameplay combat is a fast-paced arcade fighting system.

 Like most MMORPGs, it's free to pull you in, but you know sooner or later you have to pay to expedite dynamics in the game.

We are looking forward to a Ps4/Ps5 adaption of this video game title.


Fun Arcade Play System

Welcoming online community

The main story can go solo if you want

Great SoundTrack


Updates can be slow sometimes

Ragnarok Online

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Final fantasy tactics, anyone? Playing this game brings back playing Final Fantasy tactics on my Game Boy Advance. Jobs and more jobs, there are so many jobs in this game it makes job class system in Final Fantasy V to shame.  Most of the game elements are derived from Norse form mythology. Still, way Ragnarok Online implements the game dynamic is innovated, and I dare say it pioneered in MMORPGs world online and gaming RPGs, in general, twenty years ago. Released by Gravity in Korean in 2002, Ragnarok Online is still enjoyable to play and gives you the option to explore the vast 3D world as a 2D sprite using different job system trees.


Diverse Job Game System

Massive World to Explore

The contrast of 2D and 3D fits fluently and beautiful to look at 

Nice Soundtrack


Some gaming mechanics can feel repetitive.

Phantasy Star Online 2

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Xenoblade Chronicles but MMORPG version, I really feeling it! Unlike previous others, MMORPG up to this point of the list has not released for game consoles and smartphones. However, Phantasy Star Online 2 has been release upon many different gaming mediums, not just PCs. Like most anime, MMORPGs geared towards a small niche audience. You get to customize your character and choose an array of four races humans, newmans, cast, and Deumans. The class system can be left undesirable.

Anime-style characters, check. A massive big world to explore, check. Solid game dynamics and character progression,check. An anime-style concert even Miku would be proud of.check.  


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Sims meets anime MMORPGs, everybody. When you are playing an MMORPG, sometimes you ask the question to yourself of why are you're playing the game. It is to raids dungeons and level or up for character progression or experiencing everyday life in a virtual context. 

Well, Mabinogi gives the players the option to experience everyday life in a fun way. With Mabinogi, you experience new game dynamics like getting a  job, exploring the different "real-life" sceneries, and wait for it...getting married. You are conversing with shops run by players just like you trying to make a living. Exploring the vast world that Mabinogi has to offer with a partner. Again if you are looking for anime MMORPG version of SIMs, this game is for you.


Unique "real life" game dynamics


Small Online community compared to other MMORPGs

Blue Protocol

blue protocol wallpaper

Even though still in Beta has not been globally released yet, Blue Protocol has highly anticipated anime MMORPG community. What draws to people me is the beautiful  Blue Protocol is Cel-shaded animation and nice-looking cutscenes and maybe the story. A majority don't play anime MMORPG for the story. However, Blue Protocol may be the exception. 

Instead of an open world, you give to explore zones of the world map. These game zones are quite large and give off an open world feel with players like you running around. With your character creation kit, you get to decide the look of your waifu. 

Now onward to the class system, it based on the weapon you are wielding determines your class. However, you can compound and integrate multiple classes on your character. Blue Protocol adds a class quest to help your class progression. Except crafting to play big 

Final Fantasy XIV: Online

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Of course, a Final Fantasy XIV is making this list. Like all MMORPGs, you raid dungeons, level up, and repeat. Final Fantasy XIV is no different. However, there is a refinery. Like what you would expect from Final Fantasy title, you get a great story and a wide variety of jobs and characters to choose from.  With your classic character creation kit of choosing up to eight races of people:  Hyur, Elezen, Lalafell, Miqo'te, Roegadyn, Au Ra, Viera, and Hrothgar.  

Now when it comes to the bread and butter is its the class or job system in Final Fantasy XIV instead level up your character's overall level you instead level up your job. This gives the player freedom and interchangeability to switch between jobs easily, much like the job system in Final Fantasy V but on steroids. If you are familiar with the Final Fantasy franchise games, you see jobs in previous titles in the game; this honestly gives fanservice to Final Fantasy players who stick with the franchise all these years.

This world is vast, and everything has lore and more meaning to look into. Rarely seen in the MMORPG world, the game gives the player a reason to complete the main story with engaging cutscenes you would see in Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy XIV is a big game with lots to do. It is an excellent MMORPG game to play, especially if you are an MMORPG veteran or new to the genre. Have Fun! 


Job System Hierarchy   

Lots of expansions

Excellent and helpful online community


the tab target battle system can be slow

Honorable Mentions


elsword wallpaper

Anime MMORPG king is dead. Long live the Anime MMORPG king. 


Tree of Savior

tree of savior wallpaper

Wait, why did Ragnrork Online made a list and not Tree of Savior because it's Ragnarok Online!

MapleStory 2

maple story 2 wallpaper

Minecraft meets anime MMORPG. However, unlike its processor, MapleStory it did not reach the same level of popularity will shut down soon.


Twin Saga

twin saga wallpaper

A lovely class system with crafting and fishing; however, with a small community, it leaves you wondering if you only person playing the game. 

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