Best Anime fights of the Last Decade(2010-2019)

anime fights last decade

Wow, what the last decade! A lot has happened in the past ten years. There are fights the scape the current decade, affected cultures worldwide, and create a pointer for greater things to come. The battles that the team at Animequery choose should reside how important it was in the past decade and moving forward.

1.Pain vs. Naruto-Naruto Shippūden(2010)

Pain vs Naruto

Why do people do certain things? How do they believe? It's base on a specific set of belief systems and life experiences. Naruto vs. Pain battle was a climactic battle of the whole series. The "Pain Speech" and lectures and Pain cycle of hatred speech gave Naruto gave a reality check; it opposes the naive and fallacies Naruto had in life. Not all battles are about who is stronger, and sometimes it's a battle of ideas, concepts, and viewpoints on how the world should be orchestrated. And looking at Pain's God complex was interesting and made you look at yourself and how you view the world. In life, sometimes, the way people change is through lost. Naruto, up to this fight, lost everything to him: the Leaf Village, his Sensei Kakashi Hatake, His Beloved Master Jiraiya, and (not at this moment) naruto's wife, Hinata. If you were to lose everything, how would you act? Would your belief systems change? In life, not everyone gets a happy ending, and Pain real name Nagato who lost everything precious and in his goal to make the world a better place through pain.  

2.Ichigo vs. Aizen-Bleach(2011)

Ichigo vs Aizen

It's interesting to see how far a person would go for power. To achieve and become and transcend everyone else for one goal. Aizen is an individual whose talents and mastermind ability to make happen whatever he wanted in the world. He planed thousands of years to achieve and go as far as he did. Aizen's did experimental research with hollows and souls reapers cause. The Arrancar and Visored is the cause of Aizen's research. To hide is motives to everyone, even Yamamoto and was able to turn Soul Society upside down. Aizen's goal to achieve godhood through the Hōgyoku and become The soul king. Witnessing Aizen's god complex shows off what you have to do and what you have to sacrifice and wait patiently for the pieces to fall into place. However, there is always an anomaly in the system, and this is were Ichigo comes into play.  The Ichigo vs. Aizen makes on this list because it shows you to defeat obstacles in your way; you have to give everything and willing to lose things close to you. If you lose it, you keep it.  Dangai Ichigo and Mugetsu were amazing shows of power; however, they made Ichigo human and later when on getting an even more powerful true Shikai and true Bankai.

3.Kiritsugu vs. Kirei-Fate/Zero(2011)

Kiritsugu vs Kirei-Fate

People go to war over religion and the chance to obtain an item to give them whatever they want. If you can get a wish for anything you wanted, what battles come your way? The battle scenery from Kiritsugu vs. Kireitop-notch, but with Fate/Zero fights, its what you usually get. Gun vs. Swords well magic swords, that is, in the Kiritsugu vs. Kirei battle, a lot of strategic moves were implemented and by the two masters of combat in their respective fields. Also, to fight scene looks like an underground Batcave from the movie Dark Knight. 

4.Netero vs. Meruem-Hunter X hunter(2012)

Netero vs. Meruem

Man vs. Ants.  Victim vs. Victor. Humanity vs. Monstrosity.  In this battle, who is a bigger monster? Who were you rooting for? Unfortunately, both parties fought because of the war. People do things when being to push someone to the corner; wanting peace is not always the solution. In warfare, innocence is lost, and the worst part of people are revealed. 

The Chimera Ant Arc in Hunter X Hunter is a brilliant arc where it showcases differences but mostly similarities of two races of beings. Where Meruem, who could of rule the world, decide to take the more human route to seek love and happiness with Komugi. Whereas the humans, if need be, will destroy anything to accomplish their goal. Meruem and Gon never meet, yet both went through dramatic differences of character and motives. The battle between Meruem vs. Netero showed the power of the human spirit, which can provide a mechanism to change someone through love or a channel of sheer destruction. Meruem has been influential  though-out the  decade, has a plethora of character analysis, and called "The perfect OP Character." This fight has set a gold standard and battles that go beyond just exchanging fist.

5.Natsu vs. Sting And Rogue-Fairy Tale(2013)

Natsu vs Sting And Rogue

One of the last battles in the Fairy Tale series. In this decade of Fairy Tale is either you love it or hate anime despite its divide fan base, it has to gain notoriety and serve as a "break" from other anime and mangas. 

6.Jotaro  vs. Dio-Jojo stardust crusaders(2015)

Natsu vs Sting And Rogue

The terror Dio over Jotaro's span throughout out Jo Jo Adventure Series and with Dio's ability to stop time with his stand powers and having a god-complex, Jotaro had to face a near-invincible opponent. Jotaro's ability to adapt and reach deep within himself and stand power shows how no matter what the opponent you have, the power within you and tapping the to your surrounds gives you the ability to overcome.

7.Luffy vs. Doflamingo-One Piece( 2015)

Luffy vs. Doflamingo

Portgas D. Ace death is a  staple in the anime community, and it was the driving force of the Straw Hat pirates to a two-year skip to gain power for their adventures in the grand line in search of the One Piece. Upon reunited again, everyone got an upgrade and new skills. Whats is interesting enough we have not seen all of the fruits of their training yet.  Dressrosa Arc in the new world Luffy had to face its king of the domain Dressrosa, Doflamingo. Now all the political implementations Luffy and Straw Hat had to face, however, what we must take notice is Luffy's fourth transformation Boundman. Luffy's fourth transformation is vital because in Shounen Jump anime One Piece is the leader, and Luffy is the face of Shounen Jump and for Luffy to take on such a dramatic transformation is a statement. It was a revival anime transformations for the decade, and people look forward to seeing more transformations and power-ups.

8.Gintoki vs. Takasugi-Gin Tama(2016)

Gintoki vs. Takasug

Iron shapers Iron. Is Gin Tama is a comedy and all about jokes and living life? I think not. Gintoki vs. Takasugi is bloody and provocative as a master swordsman's clash blades.  The climactic battle had a lot of miniatures and sword antics and created a staple of sword fights in the decade.

9.Deku, Lida, Todoroki vs. Stain -My Hero Academia(2017)

Gintoki vs. Takasug

The test of the heart. Stain impact in the overall series can not be overstated. What does being a hero mean? The word hero can be superficial, meaning it can be underestimated in today's society. If society had abilities like quirks, would we use to be selfless or apply for our self desires. Stain wants to make a line between fakes and real heroes. The thoughts and intents of the heart of an individual determine a lot of factors in our life, and sometimes we are not aware of it. Stain sought for the truth; he requested for a hero and wanted to kill off fake ones. The fight shows the flaws in society and how doing the right thing is not always a reward.

10.Goku vs. Jiren-Dragon Ball Super(2018)

Goku vs Jiren

The fight broke that broke the  Internet. Viewers rush to Youtube and crash down  Crunchyroll servers. Now, Jiren the Gray of universe eleven versus Goku was a thriller and kept fandom and the world on the edge of their seats. Goku never beat  Jiren, and to the moment of writing this article, Jiren is stronger than Goku. The character of Jiren showed how people respond to only to power, and him fighting Goku(fighting Goku always changes you for some reason) proved otherwise. There will be people in your life that would love just for you despite capabilities and powers, and friendship is essential.


This decade had memorable fights, which did make a list. Let's look forward to what the future holds for us as a community to 2020 and beyond😊.

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